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Continue to strengthen technology

Continue to strengthen technology.
Competitive edge
Long-Diann keep enhancing key technology and building up partners, based on “ Artificial reproduction of wild aquatic as well as Scientific breeding. We create future with farming partners.

Selection & Domestication
Focus on unsustainable aquatic species,suitable for subtropical growing
Select the high-price fishes, shrimps and seafoods which Chinese and Asian consume
High speed of growth with huge potential market size
Onshore (indoor, outdoor) aquaculture possibilities
Possibilities of mass fish farming
Disease controllability

Cultivating high quality brood stock
Cultivating Fertility -- Water quality and environment management. 
Nutrient nourishment-- Food, licensed drugs
Conservation of Species
Source Management – Brood Stock Fish Optimization
Native species and cultivation species
Establish fish species library, wafer and genetic testing

Fish Insemination / Hatching / Nursery
Transsexual  /  Environmental control
Natural or artificial ripening
Preserve sperms or eggs
Captive two hatchery and nursery grounds / External outsourcing ground
Quantity and quality control
Quality fish fry screening

Partnership Breeding  /  Selling & Marketing 
Long-term cooperation with farmers, fish fry sale
LDMB guarantees buy back adult fish 
Coaching on scientific farming
Develop different sales channels
LDMT is responsible for sales to market
Decentralized market, dispersed products