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Company establishment background

Long Diann Company was founded in 1985 . At the early stage , Chairman Tai engaged solely in cultivation of lobster. At that time , there were only 4 lobster cultivating farms  globally, which all located at Taiwan. Long-Diann owned the 2nd largest lobster farm in Taiwan. Besides lobster cultivation, Long-Diann spotted a species of lobster called Panulirus Ornatrus (Fabricius), which grows very fast and within one year , it can grow from 100 g fry to 1 kg within a year. Chairman Tai also found that there are huge wide Panulirus Ornatrus at Philippines ocean. In 2 years, Chairman Tai developed world no.1st lobster trading business. In the meantime, Mr. Tai also found that there are full of high price grouper in Strait of the Philippines. So Chairman invited Philippine and Hongkong partners starting seafood trading company, which collected wild catch from the Philippines and ship to sell in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the biggest southeast Asia seafood trading market. It was estimated daily sale is around at 20 tons. Supply sources covered South East Asia , Australia , India.
In 1990 , Chairman Tai and Hong Kong business partners were aware the diminishing resources in the sea. At that time , the species breeding in Taiwan was mostly focusing on low priced species. Thus Tai decided immediately to plunge into the reproduction of high - price grouper.  Since then, Long-Diann started it’s wide fish artificial propagation development.