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1985  Long Diann Trading Co. Ltd. (LDT) established 
1985  Invested in lobster farming and trading, the 2nd largest factory in Taiwan
1988  Purchased and imported wild groupers to Hong Kong from southeast Asia and the Philippines
1990  Due to marine fishery resources decline, LDT bravely invested over NT$ 100M into propagation research
2005  LDT changed its name to Long Diann Marine Bio Technology Co. Ltd. (LDMB)
2010  Invited venture capital firms to invest in and increased reserves of fish farms 
2014  Rectification of overseas fish farming and closed the farms in Malaysia and Philippines
2015  Adjusted the operating model - “High-priced wild aquatic products as well as aquaculture hatching”
2016  Mass production of Epinephelus Cyanopodus 
2017  Indoor nursery grounds #2 built
2018  Increase no. of new fish species development
2019  Successful research and development of Cephalopholis Sonnerati artificial reproduction
2020  Mass production of Cephalopholis Sonnerati